Material associated with an instructional component that provides additional information about that component. While they are an integral part of many curricula, such materials are not required for the instructional content to be meaningful.

The ocx:material property is used to link an instructional component to SupplementalMaterial


  • Curriculum guides
  • Family course guides
  • Student study guides


Property Type Description
From Thing -------------------- --------------------
identifier Text | URL | PropertyValue Any kind of identifier (uuid, url, etc).
url URL URL of the item.
name Text The name of the item.
alternateName Text An alias for the item.
description Text A description of the item.
From CreativeWork -------------------- (below we show a few relevant CreativeWork properties. For the full properties table see )
about Thing The subject matter of the content.
accessibilitySummary Text A human-readable summary of specific accessibility features or deficiencies, consistent with the other accessibility metadata but expressing subtleties such as "short descriptions are present but long descriptions will be needed for non-visual users" or "short descriptions are present and no long descriptions are needed."
audience EducationalAudience An intended audience, i.e. a group for whom the resource being described was created. Use the educationalRole property of the EducationalAudience object to state whether the intended audience is teacher, student, parent, etc. See the LRMI Educational Audience Role concept scheme for more values.
author Organization or Person The author of the supporting material.
citation CreativeWork or Text A citation or reference to another creative work, such as another publication, web page, scholarly article, etc.
contributor Organization or Person A secondary contributor to the supporting material
dateCreated Date The date on which the resource was created.
dateModified Date The date on which the resource was updated.
educationalUse Text The purpose of the work in the context of education. Ex: "Teacher Guide"
encoding MediaObject A media object that encodes this supporting material. Use when the same digital document is available in different formats.
hasPart CreativeWork Indicates a CreativeWork that is part of this supporting material (in some sense). Inverse property: isPartOf.
inLanguage Language or Text The language of the content of the supporting material. Please use one of the language codes from the IETF BCP 47 standard.
isBasedOn CreativeWork or URL A resource from which this supporting material is derived or of which it is a modification or adaption.
isPartOf CreativeWork Indicates a CreativeWork that this supporting material is (in some sense) part of. Inverse property: hasPart.
keywords Text Keywords or tags used to describe this content. Multiple entries in a keywords list are typically delimited by commas.
provider Organization The service provider, service operator, or service performer; the goods producer. Use to identify the Organization which is responsible for providing the educational input for the supporting material, e.g. providing content, educational events, assessments, accreditation etc.
publisher Organization The organization credited with publishing the supporting material.
typicalAgeRange Text The typical expected age in years of the learners on this supporting material. For OCX the suggestion is to use a list to indicate a closed range of ages, e.g. ["9","10","11"], and values like "18-" for an open range.
From ocx:SupplementalMaterial -------------------- --------------------
oer:forCourse oer:Course The Course in which the resource is meant for.
ocx:partType Text The nature of this section of the material in relation to its parent resource. Examples include 'Opener', 'Overview', 'Rationale'
From oer:Resource -------------------- --------------------
forTopic Topic The Topic the resource is associated with.
From cc:Work -------------------- --------------------
cc:license Text | License A Work has license a License (a subproperty of dc:license, the same as xhtml:license).
cc:morePermissions Text A related resource which describes additional permissions or alternative licenses for a Work which may be available.
cc:attributionName Text The name the creator of a Work would like used when attributing re-use.
cc:attributionURL URL The URL the creator of a Work would like used when attributing re-use.
cc:useGuidelines Text A related resource which defines non-binding use guidelines for the work.

Non-preferred properties

The following OER Schema properties should not be used as there are similar properties in

OER Schema Property preferred equivalent
duration learningTime (from CreativeWork)
hasComponent hasPart (from CreativWork)
forComponent isPartOf (from CreativeWork)
prerequisite coursePrerequisites (from Course)
parentOf hasPart (from CreativeWork)
childOf isPartOf (from CreativeWork)
all properties of oer:Thing all have equivalents in Thing


  "@context": [
      "oer": "",
      "ocx": "",
      "cc": ""
  "@type": ["ocx:SupplementalMaterial","CreativeWork"],
  "description": "to do"